Monday, December 6, 2010

Anakku Warehouse 2010 - Review

Last Saturday, we decided to go to Anakku Warehouse Sales at Klang (I have posted the advertisement before..klik here). We reached there about 11.00am...Oh My God, so many people and the car park full already. We found a small space to park a car really nearby the guardhouse at the exit way.
First, we went to Baby Care Section. I managed to grab the baby bath shampoo, baby lotion, baby powder and baby oil 2 each (the big bottle). much the cost???..only RM31.00...wah so cheap. The price for each bottle was RM4-RM8 each... Actually I want to take more than that but it was so heavy to carry (the car park so far from the factory)..

After that, I went to Clothing / Travelling / Feeding Section, Abi don't want to come along because the place so crowded. For those pregnant women must be carefully. So I estimate only half and hour to go in and choose the cloth. Unfortunately, not much compare the previous sales. But I still manage to buy a few cloths for my little girl, Munirah. For age range 2-4 years not much cloth has been offered. After that I have to que about half and hour to pay.

Overall, for those want to buy the travelling items such stroller, buggy, car seat, baby carrier and feeding accessories (not the BPA) and also baby care, it’s really worth it.

That day, the sales girl was announced that, it was the last warehouse sales that Anakku was arranging, next year will be no more....


  1. ala no more warehouse sale ke? tak merasalah kami..

  2. salam ziarah juga..thanks sudi singgah..bestnya g shopping kan..^_^

  3. Ayu - mmg bets...duit kuar pon best..he he
    Momylydzar - tak pe, yg lain mesti ada lagi...tunggu je